Name : Chrissy

Breed: DSH Torbi

Sex: Female

Age: DOB 2007  

Meet Christmas or as she prefers to be called-Chrissy.  A few days before Christmas, on a wintry evening in Eastern WA, this 10-11 year old girl was found emaciated and severely matted. In a blink, before her foster mom could grab a kennel, Chrissy gobbled up an entire can of kitty food.  Her foster mom knew something was the matter and immediately transported Chrissy to the veterinarian.  The call soon came; Chrissy had diabetes and most likely would not have survived the week’s freezing temperatures without food, water and warmth. 

Now, several weeks later, Chrissy relishes her high-protein meals, laps up fresh water and receives twice daily insulin injections (she doesn’t notice the injections).  Because her coat had to be shaved, Chrissy especially loves settling in for naps on the heating pad and fleece blanket. 

Her foster family has three cats and a dog, and so while Chrissy has an entire bedroom to herself, she is bored and wishes for a home of her own.  Having met the resident pets, Chrissy has decided that she should like to be an only pet.

A perfect day for Chrissy is simply having her basic needs met. She is content and peaceful with human companionship- she greets and likes to rub against people- but overall, she is introverted, prefers a hands-off approach and with a swat, occasionally reminds others of her boundaries.  

If your household is quiet and calm, if administering twice daily insulin injections fits into your schedule and if you’d like the gratification of giving a struggling kitty a safe haven and a blissful life, then you might be the perfect match for Chrissy. 

Chrissy longs to the center of your world, and if you can give her that, then you can give her a miracle.

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