Lady Debris

Lady DeBris 2.JPG

Name : Lady Debris

Breed: DMH Dilute/Torti

Sex: Female

Age: DOB 2010

Lady DeBris was so named after she showed up as a stray at a home on the Eastern Shores of Virginia after a hurricane blew in a lot of debris.  You may wonder how Lady DeBris, a vagabond of a cat, made it from her home on the Eastern Shores of Virginia to Elmira, New York to Vashon in a few short weeks.  It starts with Lady D’s family in Virginia having a major health emergency that subsequently ended with the death of one of her owners.  Lady D, and her fellow fur family members, Bandit the cat and Bailey the dog were faced with the only option in rural Virginia, Animal Control, with euthanasia a likely future for these three.  A family friend who lives in Elmira, New York stepped in and took all three to her home while she worked with her local SPCA for adoption.  Bailey the dog found a great home.  Bandit had a very difficult time in the shelter and ended up back at the home of the lady who rescued them.  Lady D did well at the shelter and was placed fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, her new home was chaotic with kids and lots of pets and too much energy to suit her, so she landed back at the SPCA.  With 50 cats in line to come to the shelter, her future there was not good. The friend who rescued the cats from Virginia happens to be the sister of a VIPP volunteer who was visiting when Lady D was returned to the SPCA shelter.  The VIPP volunteer knew that Lady D would be able to find a great home on Vashon so she packed her up and off they flew to Seattle.  After a couple of big travel adventures clear across the country, Lady D is looking for a home where she can be forever treasured.  Lady DeBris would do well in a quiet home with adults.  Lady DeBris came to Vashon on May 9th on the 11:40 pm ferry. To talk to VIPP about me email:

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