Kita 2.jpg

Name : Kita

Breed: DSH Black

Sex: Female

Age: DOB 2012

Kita is an affectionate 6-year-old female. She is definitely a lap cat, and would do well with someone who can give her lots of attention. She does tend to knead things quite often (including laps), which seems to comfort her. She will gladly follow you around the house to spend time with and be near you. Her previous owner worked from home, and Kita seems to do better when her owner is home somewhat consistently (she would be an excellent companion for a retiree!). She has lived with both dogs and cats before, though she can be somewhat skittish when she gets overwhelmed by lots of activity. Once she is comfortable though, she is a very sweet little girl. Kita also loves to be groomed - she really enjoys being brushed and will gladly roll on her back to allow you to brush her belly. She is primarily an indoor cat, but also enjoys venturing outside to watch the world go by.  She would be a great companion in a quiet home where she can bond and feel safe with her owner. To talk to VIPP about me email:

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