boy glow.jpg

Name : Boy

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Age: 8 Years Old

Meet Boy, just about the sweetest “heart of gold” dog you will ever meet! Boy has a smile that goes from head to toe, and he is eager to share his joy. It may sound funny but Boy’s luckiest day was when he fell out of the back of a truck as a young pup, and no one came back for him. He was rescued and adopted by a loving family, and spent his puppy days through his first 8 years of his life with the complete adoration he so deserves – and in turn he was a loyal and dedicated companion. Sadly, he recently lost his life-long home when his owner developed medical issues and could no longer care for him. Our dear Boy is more than a bit heartbroken and aching for a new forever home where can share all of his love again. This happy guy is playful and loves running through the water at the beach. He is great in the car and in the house, adores toys, and his big heart loves life and everyone he meets. No cats please. For more information email us at or call (206)389-1085 press 1 for dogs then 2 for adoptions.

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