Name : Sophie

Breed: DLH Black

Sex: Female

Age: DOB 2011

Sophie is for anyone who loves cats! She is VERY sweet, loves attention. Her favorite place to be is cuddled right up with you while you are watching tv or reading a book. She is 8 years old, long black hair with a tiny little bit of white on her chest. Sophie came to me when I was living in Kansas City, and moved with me here about 5 years ago. She was so good on the 30 hour drive, just happy to be apart of the mission. Most of her life she has lived with a hyper dog, and they got along really well. I am not happy about finding her a new home, as I love her very much, though she needs someone who is going to be around more, and that was the issue we are having with her. I live with someone who is very allergic to cats, so for her personality that wants to be right there cuddling with you this has become a problem. Our first solution is with someone who has started housesitting very often, so Sophie has been by herself a lot, and I feel there must be a better solution out there for her. She's very friendly to all people, will go right up to anyone hoping for some love. She likes scratching posts and the scratching cardboard. Lately she has been mainly indoor. To talk to VIPP about me:

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