Name : Captain

Breed: DSH Orange & White

Sex: Male

Age: DOB 2018

Adrift in rural eastern Washington, this young (between 1-2 y/o) boy managed keep his head above water.  Although he has emerged from his voyage quite watchful and shy, he is by nature a loving and earnest soul, and so everyday, he remains steady on the course to trust in humans and his surroundings.  Captain loves rubs, cheek scratches and cuddles. If given a quiet, calm indoor-only bunk (although a Catio would be swell) with a patient and loving crew (family), there is no doubt this young sailor will develop into a captain fully in command of his own ship!  Captain came into safe harbor with a foster family on March 25th, 2019 and then to VIPP on March 31, 2019.  To talk to VIPP about me:

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