Living with Coyotes: Helpful Tips

While coyotes primarily prey on small rodents, cats and smaller dogs can sometimes be at risk. Coyotes are everywhere on the island and just because you don’t see or hear them does not mean they are not I your area. By taking the actions listed below, pet owners can help minimize the risk to cats and dogs.

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Pet Sittings

When you agree to care for a pet you are assuming responsibility for that pet in its owners' absence. The following tips will help you fulfill that responsibility by knowing what information you need to have before the owner leaves town and what to do in an emergency.

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EducationElaine Summers
What to do with Feral Cats

Sharon L. Peters wrote a great article for us last year about groups trying to save these cats -- many of which resulted from domesticated cats escaping or being let loose. Instead of euthanasia, the groups' efforts involve TNR: trap, neuter, release.

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EducationKelli Durkin