A stray cat was brought into VIPP and fortunately he had a micro-chip. This cat was Tinker - a kitty that had been on VIPP's Lost and Found page since 2009. 

After being missing for over four years, Tinker was reunited with his owner, CIndy. She is a foster for the Seattle Humane Society. Tinker was one of her foster kittens which she decided to adopt back in 2009. He lost his eye to the herpes virus as a kitten and he was that way when Cindy adopted him. Tinker went missing when they were visiting a friend on Sandy Shores on Maury.  

Somehow, he managed to get to Lisabeula where he lived as a stray fed by an elderly man who passed away in the spring. It will always be a mystery how Tinker managed to get so far away from home.

Tinker is going to be well loved and taken care of once again. The photos say it all.

Happy TailsElaine Summers