Miss Chips now gets to go outside using the cat door, she heads out on the deck to soak up the sun, then she moves to the shade, comes back inside and takes a long nap in her cat bed, which is right in our living room.
Curled up in her cat bed she lets Shelby (our 5 year old daughter) pet her, kiss her and play with her. She is a very patient cat with a loud purr, and is very unfazed by our other cats - Artemis and Callisto.
We think she has adjusted to our house and family and I am so happy that we came back for her - we really needed a cat that could be showered with affection by Shelby - and that is Miss Chips! She is keeping her name - we really like it!
Thank you, great people of VIPP - for all that you do! Angela, Joe & Shelby

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