Eleven year old Jada found a wonderful new home last November.  After Jada’s owner had died, she had several short term homes and then fortunately ended up with Vashon Island Pet Protectors.  Originally looking for a much smaller dog, the happy new owners, Sheila and Berneta, have no regrets. They describe her as “just a sweetheart”, obviously well- loved in her previous home”, and “a perfect dog”.  The guess at her heritage is flat coat retriever and chow mix. 

At her new home, Jada spent the first two days in a safe place under the dining room table, quietly observing everyone including the cat, Herald.  When it was time to come out she slowly started to reveal all of her great attributes. She respects and even likes Herald, does not shed, barks only in her sleep, loves to go on walks, and is extremely loyal.  Also, Berneta and Sheila have found that Jada came with a large vocabulary, and there are many more words waiting to be discovered.

Happy TailsElaine Summers