Maisey, formerly Shy Shannon, was the most timid of the nine kittens rescued by a VIPP volunteer, and as the other more outgoing kittens were adopted one by one or two by two, Shy Shannon remained behind.  But then one day we got a call from a prospective adopter looking for a kitten who would get along with a couple of dogs. When she came to meet Shannon, she knew right away that the shy one was the right one. We were not sure how the introduction to the dogs would go, but we sent tip sheets for introducing a cat to a dog. The introduction went off like a charm. The dogs were used to cats and even though we didn’t know it at the time, Shy Shannon had been around dogs in her former home. Shannon, now Maisey, is no longer shy and is right at home cozying up with her new canine buddies.


Happy TailsElaine Summers