Miss B met her match


In 2009, Jill was looking for a companion for Maple, her 11 year-old German Shephard mix when she spotted a Vashon Island Pet Protector (VIPP) posting for Miss B. Miss B had been found running down Westside Highway by a couple driving by. VIPP was contacted, and she was placed into foster care.

Now 14 years old and living on a farm, Miss B has survived Maple and Romeo, a huge Rottweiler also adopted as her buddy. She is not lonely however, because she now has George, a blind and deaf Boston terrier mix, and Skippy, a small older boarder collie mix.  Jill also has four sweet cats adopted from VIPP and scores of rescued farm animals.    

All herding dogs should have a purpose and protecting Jill is Miss B’s calling. Although only 30 pounds, she patrols the farm and for inexplicable reasons works to keep men away from Jill.  She also helps Jill with errands in town. She loves the car rides, and if the door has been left open, she can be found in the car long before the scheduled departure.  Did I mention that Miss B is very adorable too?  Much gratitude to Jill for years of support to VIPP and her loving care of many animals!           

Happy TailsElaine Summers