Vashon Island Pet Protectors has a network of volunteers who are dedicated to re-uniting lost and found companion animals with their owners. VIPP is the best resource on Vashon Island when you have lost a dog or cat, and we will accept any cat or dog found on the island and hold it in our care. If a found dog is not claimed within the first day and the animal cannot stay at a temporary foster home, the dog may be kenneled at the expense of the owner. If a found cat or dog is not claimed within 10 days, it can be considered to be an abandoned animal as per King County’s definition and will go through the normal intake procedures that VIPP has for cats and dogs.

When a pet has gone missing or you have found a stray, the very first thing you should do after calling the number on the tags, is call VIPP. Chances are the owner of that lost animal or the person who found it, has called us and we can make the connection fast.

If you have lost of found a dog or cat, please FILL OUT A REPORT AND call (206) 389-1085 and follow the prompts for dog or cat.

After you call VIPP, please fill out the Lost or Found report below.  Once the report is reviewed, It will be posted by the webmaster. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other organization. Here is a website to give you more tips on finding your lost pet. CLICK HERE