VIPP would like to THANK YOU for your kindness and generous support over the years and into the future. We couldn’t do it without you and we are very thankful that you have continuously been there supporting our efforts for animals in need. It fills our hearts that you choose to put your trust in us to be careful stewards of your charitable donations. Click the caption link under the photo to see a short video.

Your continued support helped us in our mission to ensure that Vashon dogs and cats have safe, loving homes. Each year, about 400 cats and dogs come through our system. Nearly all of the found pets that have been turned over to VIPP have been reclaimed by their owners or adopted to a new home.

There are so many ways that you can help VIPP meet it's goals for the year. How can I help VIPP - let me count the ways.

1. BECOME a MONTHLY SUPPORTER by visiting our Donation Page.

Vashon Thriftway & Vashon Market IGA have generously contributed to Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) through their grocery shopping receipt program. For every receipt VIPP submits to them, the stores will donate 1% of the pre-tax total to VIPP. Participation is easy and it's a great way to support VIPP! Here's how:

Vashon Thriftway receipts must be from VIPP members only. Each receipt must include the member's signature and phone number. There is a one year expiration date from the date of purchase.

Vashon Market IGA receipts can be from anyone, VIPP members & non-members alike but receipts need to be signed by the purchaser and have their phone number on it. There is a one year expiration date from date of purchase.

Receipts from either store may be accumulated and dropped off at Pandora's Box, the Vashon Bookshop or you may mail them to:
P.O. Box 245
Vashon Island, WA 98070

Thanks to our great community sponsors...and to you!

3. VOLUNTEER to help at one event or on a weekly basis, or you can be a foster home for cats or dogs. See the next section below for Volunteer Application Forms for Cats & dogs.

4. USE SMILE.AMAZON.COM If you log into to using, you can click VIPP to receive .05% of your eligible smile purchases! It's easy!!!


5. COME to our FABULOUS EVENTS: Bake Sales, Dog Walks, Wreath Sales or the FurBall™. Visit our booth at the Strawberry Festival or walk with us in the parade. 

6. BE A FUR BALL™ Sponsor! Donate an Item for the Auction or just come to the event! Sponsor or donate.

7. ADOPT an animal in need from VIPP. or

8. SPAY or NEUTER your Pets!

9. Donate any amount to go to the greatest good. Supporting Medical expenses, food & shelter.

10. Please don't abandon your pets - call VIPP, we can help.

Thank you!!


Many programs and activities operated by VIPP are made possible through the dedicated efforts of many volunteers who offer a variety of resources and special talents. VIPP has 50 full time active volunteers, plus many extra for special events throughout the year, who render 170 hours of service per week. These volunteer efforts, the equivalent of 4.25 full time staff positions, impact services and truly make a difference in the lives of the animals. Without the loyalty and service of these volunteers, VIPP could not provide the quality of services they do to the animals and the community. 

If you have limited time to volunteer consider the Fur Ball™ auction, held once a  year. It's our largest VIPP event.

If you would like to know more about how you can volunteer based on your time availability, please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire below.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, a volunteer coordinator from the cat or dog program will get in touch with you and may ask for more information. None of this questionnaire will be shared outside of VIPP.

become a foster

Fostering is very rewarding and is a great thing to do for animals waiting to be adopted. If you have any interest in fostering a dog, cat or kittens, please call or email VIPP today. This story by Terri Fletcher gives a little insight into fostering animals. 

The Need for Foster Families

Often when I tell folks about our work with VIPP, fostering cats and kittens at the Fletcher household, their first response is “I could never foster because I would become too attached and end up with a house full of cats.” I used to say those very words. When Geoff and I lived in Austin, we pretty much avoided fostering for the rescue group that we volunteered for. We did a few short-term fostering stints, but we would hand off kittens as soon as possible to another foster home so not to get too attached.

Fast forward to our six years on Vashon and those words are a distant memory. Since we arrived in the spring of 2001, we have fostered close to 25 cats and kittens each year. Do we get attached? Of course we do, and there are some who have really tugged at our hearts like Thrifty, Doug Fir, Ivy and Fred. They all went on to fabulous homes. Out of all the cats and kittens we have fostered in four years only two have remained with us, and both of those were too shy to be adopted. These two cats also were accepted by our other cats, so they were able to stay on as part of our family.

The flip side of getting attached is adopting out our foster cats and kittens to loving families. It truly is a sweet experience to see adults and kids fall in love with a cat or kitten and know that the animal we have helped out is going off to a good home. We have some amazing foster families at VIPP, but because we don’t have a conventional shelter on Vashon, we always need more foster homes. The fostering may be for up to two months in the case of a new kitten. Or, sometimes we have cats that need to recover from surgery or and illness, and they need a foster home for a few weeks. 

In an ideal world, we would not have a need for foster families. Cats and dogs on Vashon would be spayed or neutered and all pets would be microchipped or be wearing a collar with tags to identify the owner. Pet Protectors would be able to dedicate our time and resources to take in animals for families who, for whatever reason, are unable to continue to care for them, and ultimately place them in new homes. 

If you have the time and a quiet indoor space to foster cats please email and we can give you advice and tips on what to expect when fostering. If you are able to foster a dog and you have a fenced area in your yard, email or call 389-1085. You will be giving a cat or dog a wonderful start to the next chapter in their lives.

Terri Fletcher
VIPP volunteer